Statement By U.S. Secretary Of Education Arne Duncan On The Supercommittee

Tuesday, 22 November 2011 02:03 administrator
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"I join the President in his disappointment that the supercommittee has failed to reach a final deal. We must reduce America's debt. But we must do so in a thoughtful and deliberate way that protects national priorities like education at such a critical time. Because the supercommittee failed to live up to its responsibility, education programs that affect young Americans across the country now face across-the-board cuts.

"As a country, we've got to start living within our means, just as millions of Americans do each day. It is critical to meet future challenges and provide rising opportunity for future generations.

"We need to ensure that every child has access to a good teacher and a high quality public education, and that students who want to pursue a college degree can count on federal loans and grants to help them achieve their dreams. That requires Congress to do some important work in the coming weeks and to show some real leadership. I stand ready to work with them, and I know the President does as well."

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